It’s Not How You Say Hello

It's all about recruiting!

It’s How You Say Goodbye

You know, much of the focus of inquires that I get are certainly; how to run the organization, how to grow your organization, looking at profitability, and recruiting skills. One of the big pieces though that brings this all together that I want you to keep in mind, it’s not how you say hello it’s how you say goodbye.

And I watch leaders do this time and time again. You know I’ll get approached; “Hey, Jon . . . we just can’t grow, we’re stagnant, we get to this number of 50 (or 25 or 100) agents and we are stuck there.” And as I start peeling the onion back a little bit further there are a lot of different questions, a lot of different places that I go, and you know what shocks me is one of the big pieces that holds leaders back from growth, is how they exit people.

To experience continued growth you have to bring people in and allow them to leave with the same level of class. There’s this great romancing process that takes place to attract an agent and then eventually when they leave we see this friction. It’s an experience that doesn’t feel good and then it’s a story that moves on with the agent to the other company. And you know the risk that takes place in that, is them talking to someone that was maybe just ready to come over to your organization. Keep in mind ladies and gentlemen, it’s not how you say hello, it’s how you say goodbye.

Because here is the final message you’ll get;

  • Wow I thought we had a great relationship, I’m deciding to do something, as an agent, that’s in my best interest. But the only value that we had in the relationship is that if it was good for the leader and now that I’m doing something good for me, I’m not important. My value as a person has diminished.

And you may disagree with it, and I’ll say, that’s fine, you can stay in that energy space. But that energy space is going to carry on with that agent out into the market place.

Have class and integrity when people join you, have class and integrity when they leave you. And finally take personal responsibility and own every experience, because you’re as responsible for them leaving as you’re responsible for them joining.

It’s Not How You Say Hello It’s How You Say Goodbye! Start Here!

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