Interrupt the pattern…..are you ready?

Strategies, Tactics, and Skills are a must. Without an interpersonal journey of discovery to gain consciousness around what is holding you back from taking action, all the acquired knowledge is for not.

A pattern of choices and behavior where we repeat history over and over again in a fashion that does not serve us. We stay in these patterns because our programming and unconscious belief is “at least we know what the outcome will be” even though it may not feel good.

We will actually avoid change and possibilities of a better outcome, by “playing it safe” as we have learned to cope with repeating that painful history over and over.

Change requires an interruption… Pain is always referenced as the game changer. Unfortunately we all have different levels of “pain tolerance”, for those with a high “pain tolerance”, many times things never change.

Consciousness is the solution…a willingness to be held accountable, to look at those parts of ourselves we want no one else to see…When we recognize we have been held hostage, imprisoned and held the key in our hands the whole time.

Time to interrupt the pattern? Get Started today!

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