Internal Decisioning Process

The Process That Works Is An Internal Decisioning Process!

What is the Internal Decisioning Process?

Brokers, Owners, Managers, and Recruiters

We’re all trapped, and here is the trap that we are in. Leading our current agents is like herding cats, recruiting productive experienced agents is like taming a lion.

Hi, I’m Jon Cheplak with The Real Recruiter and Cheplak Live, my constant objective is to help rid you of the antiquated recruiting strategies that aren’t working.

Here is one of the pieces that I think people really need to capture and there is so much programming that we have that we need to create new programming and record over the old training and here is what has and continues to take place. It’s called the external decisioning process. We continue to think that we can convince people. That we can sell them on how great their company is and one of the questions I ask leaders — whether it’s with their family or the agents they are leading — when’s the last time you told someone to do something and they actually did it?

See what happens when you impress upon someone, manipulate someone in a sales process they are going to resist and that’s why you have to have objection handlers because you have so many objcetions that come up.

The process that works and will dramatically change your recruiting is an internal decisioning process and here is the principle that I want you to hold. Brilliance is not demonstrated by what you tell people it’s the thought provoking questions you ask them. You need to allow them to self-discover, you need to allow agents to come to a space where they recognize that you are the most completant, relevant leader in the market that they want to partner with. That’s the recruiting strategy that’s the approach that’s going to get you a result and leave your competition in the dust.

External decisioning process is manipulation, it’s selling and it’s going to create resistance.

Internal decisioning process, we ask questions, thought provoking questions that maybe they haven’t considered. They self-discover, they retain it, you gain traction, they join you.

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