Informal and Formal Leaders

As a Leader you must have Two Rosters!

Have you identified your Informal and Formal Leaders?

I’ve recently shared a couple of videos that build upon this concept of informal and formal leaders.

  1. How To Grow Your Organization
  2. Your Two Rosters

Now both internally and externally you need to take a look at the informal and formal leaders.

Now obviously you are the “Formal Leader” of your organization but you also have an informal leader and quite frankly, that’s the person that if they left tomorrow, you’d be worried because others would leave. It’s critical that you have a high level of what we call business intimacy with this individual, we have connectivity, that you have this exchange where they can give you feedback. Because what can happen is they are really a conduit between you and the rest of the agents. If they are not happy, you’re not going to have a great experience.

Now let’s move out of the internal and go to the external. One of  the things that I did that helped grow organizations when I was in your role and now I transfer this strategy over to other leaders, and they’ve had great results around it.  On that second roster that I’ve talked about, identifying the informal and formal leaders. We know of course who the formal leader is, it’s the branch manager or the broker/owner. It’s critical to be in a relationship with this person in case anything changes. Imagine if something changes in an organization and you have that primary relationship with that formal leader. Whether they have decided they don’t want to lead anymore, or they want to close their doors, or they want to sell. Be that person that they had that comfort level with that they come and approach you, and you know you could have a great moment. Twenty, thirty, forty, or fifty agents walk over with them or there is a way to do a roll up.

The other opportunity is with that informal leader, so take a look at that second roster and the different organizations that each one of the agents are from. And then discern and dig a little bit deeper, get underneath and find out in each one of those offices is that person that informal leader in the office. And if they are not find out who the informal leader is. One of the things I know is that this recruiting thing is a process, it takes 14 contacts on average in some way shape or form before an experienced agent makes a move. How about with all that work you have a great relationship with the informal leader and they are unhappy one day and they come to you and walk over about ten agents.

How about that formal leader who says, you know what, I’m tired of selling real estate and paying the bills and leading these people, I need to move on. Instead of allowing that office to close down it’s doors and let the agents to just disperse everywhere. What if your the person that’s in relationship with that leader and they bring their agents over?

Go out identify the informal and formal leaders in each organizations that you are trying to attract people from, build that relationship with them. Don’t try to manipulate and sell them on coming over, create the experience,  build the trust and when the time is right you will have a windfall of agents. I’ve seen it happen time and time again and I’ve done it myself. On the flip side internally, be sure that you have a great relationship with your informal and formal leaders too.

Improve your leadership skills to help you identify the informal and formal leaders

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