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Recruiting — Be the leader real estate agents want to be like!

Not unlike agents, you are constantly looking for ways to grow your office and or company. There are two main silos to this process

1. Providing the best training/coaching and tools to your existing agents.
2. Attracting productive agents to your company.

In my coaching and training I like to use the present day agent scenario to create awareness for leadership to recognize the parallels of responsibility for both parties. I have found in many years of coaching and consulting leadership there is a dangerous trap you can fall into; “Provide the best stuff and expect agents to be productive”. Now hold for a moment before you stop reading and determine, “Well that’s not me, I am much more of a leader than that.” I am going to take this down a very simple path to enlighten and broaden your perspective on the role of overarching growth for the office/company and your agents.

To Attract Productive Agents You Must Act Like Them

I am going to make the assumption if you are reading this you are committed to leadership, productivity, growth, and profitability in your role. Along with that I will further assume at this point in your career you have had a level of training in the recruiting arena that has given you some specific processes, scripts, and marketing that you use to do so. To broaden your capacity and abilities I would like you to abandon what you have learned just while you read this and allow yourself to be open to what is a profound reality and undisputable truth that can dramatically increase your recruiting, productivity, growth, and profitability. To attract productive agents you must act like them. Let’s take a deeper look at this. If you were to sit down with an agent today, what would be the course of action you might suggest? Let me throw some things out there.

1. Business Plan
2. Social Media Strategy (Yes all kinds of business is available within social media)
3. Overarching Online Lead Generation Initiative
4. Prospecting Strategies
5. Lead Follow-Up and Database Management
6. Sharpening their presentation skills
7. Marketing

I’m sure we could come up with more, but for the purpose of this blog we will stick with the above.

Let me simplify it even further:

“An agent prospects and markets in many forms to get an audience and engage consumers so they can verbalize their value proposition, someone gets to measure whether they are worth it or not, the agent follows up building trust while giving the consumer value, and eventually they do business with the consumer”

I pose a few questions to you as a leader for reflection.

1. Does the productive agent want a leader that can fix their problems or someone that can expand their mind and business?
2. As a leader, do you subscribe to, “Lead by Example”?
3. What example do you set on a daily basis for your agents?
4. Are you inspired by a script, dialogue, and objection handling in the recruiting process?
5. Do productive agents want to be “sold” your stuff or do they want to “experience” your leadership in measuring you?


Disclaimer: If you have not read my blogs previously or heard me speak, I tend to share in a way some may receive as needing a filter. The intention behind it is conviction and intention to serve leaders in what really works vs. what we have been taught and accepted as what works while results don’t appear.
To attract what you want you must first be it. Universal Law, Principle, or Common Knowledge, however you are most comfortable seeing it. Second, people don’t believe what they are told, they believe what they experience. Most recruiting initiatives are the salesman (broker, owner, manager, recruiter) broadcasting a message, while simply creating an experience is what will compel people to act.


Earlier I reviewed the initial focus and probably ongoing focus you would have with an agent when leading them and crafting their business. I also shared their ongoing objective in business of an audience, engagement, follow-up, and eventually a customer. Now, go back to that list I shared for an agent and review the summary of an agent’s business. Is it in any way shape or form different from your most important role as a leader? Think about it, we are not in the real estate business, we are in the human resource business. The only way to have sustained growth is through the continued development and attraction of human resource. What if you abandoned every script, dialogue, and objection handler you have ever used and shifted to “Recruiting by Leading by Example”? Here’s what that looks like. Let’s take the exact replica of the blueprint for an agent and see how that would look for you in your leadership and recruiting. Keep an open mind. 🙂

1. Having a specific business plan around recruiting you follow diligently. I think we’d agree that is expected.
2. Social Media Strategy: It’s where your agents are. It’s where the consumer is. It’s the number 1 new Speaker/Coach/Guru position in our industry. Be where the agents are. The ability to talk social media from an experiential and applied space is a differentiator. Can you truly do that today as you reflect on your personal social media initiative? “Recruit by Leading by Example”
3. Online Lead Generation Initiative: We are in the day and age of the Internet Empowered Consumer and that means we are in the day and age of the Internet Empowered Recruit. How are you positioned? By the way, I have proven over the last 7 years through our stand-alone recruiting websites, The Real Recruiter, agents don’t want to visit a career tab on a company website. They will visit and bounce off in 1 minute. They will stay on a career specific website for over 4 minutes.
4. Prospecting Strategies: You expect your agents to prospect daily naturally. Are you? “Recruit by Leading by Example”
5. Lead Follow-up and Database Management: Here again, you agents number 1 asset is their database. If they don’t diligently manage their database they will spin their wheels in this business. The circumstances are the same for you in recruiting. What is your current lead follow-up and database management system? “Recruit by Leading by Example”
6. Sharpening Presentation Skills: When you get the audience of a productive agent you must have your approach and the process at the absolute top of your game. You never arrive, it’s an ongoing process of improvement.
7. Marketing: Just as I coach agents I will suggest to you, abandon the, “we are wonderful message” and adopt the “information portal” message. What does every piece of marketing material you use for recruiting communicate?

a. We have so much stuff and we are the best.
b. A message that transfers value and demonstrates competency and relevancy.

My wish is at this point you have been enlightened and agree with the approach and belief in what is practical and been applied to get great results for leaders I’ve coached for years in their recruiting. Let me bring this all together even a little bit clearer.

If you are taking all the action steps above in your recruiting you will grow your understanding and knowledge around each and every one of those silo’s. Your current agents will see what you are doing and follow your lead along with holding a higher level of respect for you. Based on your experiences and learning that you continue to expand through application you will differentiate your skill-sets as a leader by being able to be and talk right in the trenches of what your agents are doing. In your recruiting you will bring a dialogue, example, and competency your prospects have never seen. The best part, you no longer have to follow an ineffective script that every other person recruiting is saying. That’s who today’s agent want to join. Are you willing to be that leader?

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