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Social Media Guru? . . . Not Really!

So there are so many social media gurus out there I thought I would just jump in and declare “I’m a social media guru” . . . Not really! Here’s what I do want to share with you is this, I’m fortunate enough to play in a few different business silos and certainly our focus here is around leadership and it’s around recruiting.

I do zero marketing outside of social media, do I play on every single platform? No I do not. Have we had success and continue to have great success in the social medial space? Absolutely! See what I believe the social media space does for a lot of people or doesn’t do for them. It’s like being under a waterfall with your mouth open and someone is telling you to drink. Oh, I’ve got to do LinkedIn perfect, I’ve got to do Twitter perfect, I’ve got to do Facebook perfect . . . and I’ve to do this . . . and I’ve got to do that.

Here’s what I want to suggest to you, there’s a couple of suggestions I would make to you and again, by far not a guru in social media but I will share with you what’s worked for me.

  • Pick one that works
  • Stay consistent
  • Be well rounded
  • Talk personal

” Well I don’t want to put my personal on a business space!” Really?

Well here is what I know, I know more today that people are more interested in the person that you are, especially as a leader, or maybe equally but I’d say probably more. The quality human being you are, how you live your life, how they will connect with you, how they will resonate with you. And I have a pretty good idea of this because recruiting and attraction and retention has been the space that I have played in and supported people in large organizations, successful organizations.

People are measuring the whole of you not just the part any more. Yes you need to demonstrate that you’re competent and you’re relevant, in that specific space. But you know what, they want to see who you are, what you do and what you stand for. And so how do we do that? We keep a balanced message, ya . . . put the personal out there, absolutely. It’s worked fine for us, it’s worked fine for people that have followed that messaging.

And here is the final piece to it, I mean just think about it, I haven’t gone to any major schooling except for that one good school called the school of hard knocks. I just kind of observe things and watch things that work and I think you might of all agree, reality TV shows have been the number one in ratings or at the top in ratings for a very long time, think about that.

And you may say, “Jon, you’r suggesting that we create a reality TV show,” no what I’m saying is there are some principles in there, be real. Sure there’s a sense of escapism that attracts people to watch reality TV but there’s a fact of it that’s real, people want raw and real, it’s the world we live in and if you don’t give it to them raw and real they will go and research it and find it. Or they’ll go to the person that is demonstrating that well roundedness and the raw and realness.

My little tips on social media; pick one, be good at it, be real, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks because you know something, if there are people that don’t like what you are saying, there’s an unfriend button. And you know what, I want to work with people that want to work with me, how about you?

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