I Don’t Hire New Agents!

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Were You Ever A New Agent?

In my years of consulting with leaders and working in that specific silo of recruiting, one common thread is: “I don’t hire new agents.”

The first thing that I do as I work with people, whether it’s leaders, agents, or even people outside of the real estate industry in my coaching and training. I recognize that words are symbols, so let’s take a look at the symbolism behind that “I don’t hire new agents.”

And by the way the first question I’ll ask a leader to kind of put them on the spot is, “By the way were you ever a new agent?”.

Here is what I’m hearing when a leader tells me, I don’t hire new agents.

  1. They don’t have a training program in place that they are confident and or comfortable about.
  2. They lack a context of accountability.

Both are required to have new agents come into the business and be successful. And you my be sitting there and saying, yes Jon your right, but I just don’t want to deal with those type of things. Here’s what I would share with you; then you’re not a leader, you’re a landlord. Because the principles of leadership are the same whether it’s a new agent or an experienced agent.

By the way, do you know what the difference is between a new agent class and an experienced agent course that you might teach? The title. The content is the same.

My wish is that you reassess, you reflect on your leadership, take a look at your strategy around hiring new agents. What I can share with you is, I work with many people that consistently hire many new agents and they get a great result.

Remember, you were a new agent once also.

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