I Don’t Have Enough Time!

It's all about recruiting!

“Jon I know I need to recruit but I don’t have enough time.”

My response to that:  is we all have the same 24 hours, time is unmanageable, the only thing that we can manage are the choices that we make with the time that we have.

I want to challenge you a little bit to look underneath this piece of not having enough time. See there’s a lot of choices that we make unconsciously, and the number one human need is validation. What we can tend to do as a leader is move toward what validates us; helping people, fixing deals, making sure everyone is happy. Don’t get me wrong, happiness is an experience that everyone wants to have in a real estate office, or in any office for that fact. But the real experience that everyone wants to have is one of productivity and part of that productivity is you having an energy, a movement, a focus around growth. You not falling to the things that are easier, the paths of less resistance, the pieces that validate you and give you that immediate gratification. Versus that work that you have to do on a consistent basis where the results may not show up for awhile. See that’s why we avoid, that’s why we will say “Jon I don’t have time.” No we are just making the choice to go down the path of least resistance.

And part of it too is this operating out of fear in our leadership, “But if I don’t make everyone happy they’re going to leave me.” Again, what I want you to understand is that there is this fine line to look at, and it’s not to be cold, hard, and impersonal it’s just to recognize that being liked as a leader won’t get it done. Being respected as a leader gets it done. Being willing to facilitate a condition of tension, and there’s that fine line between tension and stress. Tension causes creativity, stress shuts a human being down.

And you have to do that same work within yourself as you look at your day, you look at your responsibilities, you look at the choices you make, and if you make the right choices that choice management piece to play in the areas that are going to serve the growth of the people that are around you, the growth of the organization you’re going to have all the time in the world.

It’s not about time management,

it’s purely about choice management. Start Here 

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