How to Retain Agents Part 1

Agent Retention:  How to Retain Agents

How to retain agentsTwo reminders for me were:

  1.  “It’s easy to get ‘em, it’s tougher to keep ‘em.” 
  2. “They leave me based on how they joined me.”

The “how to retain agents” for me always lies in first determining what “not to do”.  Find out what’s not working then fix it.

Your agent recruiting process was sales based instead of grounded in building a partnership

The biggest moment of clarity I can facilitate for you is the context of the relationship between you and your agents.

Question:  Are your agents your customers?

I have asked this question now for over 10 years.  Can you guess what the answer is 97% of  the time?  Of course you can, it’s a resounding YES!

Let’s look at this a little bit closer then since most leaders feel their current and future agents are their customers.

  1. The customer is always right
  2. You are only as good as the next product or thing you bring forward for your customer or they will move on to someone or somewhere else.
  3. A customer relationship is a “buy/sell” relationship.  Last time I checked, one of the biggest fractures between agents and brokers is, “I get that but I have to pay for it?!”

Now let me ask you the question again in a different way.  Is it going to serve the long term health and growth of your organization for your agents to be treated as, and interacted with as your customer?

Here are my three solutions for the above three issues I listed above that are taking place in almost all real estate companies.

  1. For a business relationship to work it must consist of mutual accountability and personal responsibility.  Very little of that exists with most “customers”.
  2. Less is more in what you provide as tools, strategies, and tactics of productivity for your agents.  Focus more time on implementation, check-ins, reflection, measurement, and recommitment of what you currently have in place for your agents and less time in the next bright shiny object.  Think about this, how many new tools, strategies, and tactics have you rolled out to your agents that they have long since abandoned or never even implemented?
  3. There will always be times here and there where you may look to have agents invest or partner (notice I said the word partner and it is not used for manipulation purposes) in a new initiative that enhances their business.  How you contextualize and change the relationship from consumer to business partner will craft that understanding so that your agents will embrace in the investment of what will enhance their business.

The space we strive for is a partnership with our agents.  In “How To Retain Agents Part 2”  I will go into moving agents from customer to business partner.

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