How To Recruit Real Estate Agents

How To Recruit – The barrier you may have never known exists

Most energy of recruiting is based in a compelling and relevant message about your company that will attract top-notch agents.  The biggest secret known to few is why many productive agents don’t join your company.

In this short blog you will be reminded again as a leader you are not in the real estate business, you are in the understanding human behavior business.

The Biggest Challenge in How To Recruit You May Not be Aware of

It is my common theme and your reality, you are not in the real estate business, you are in the human resource, human behavior, and human attraction business.  Well, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs tell us that the most critical needs of a human being are love, recognition, and sense of belonging.

Have you ever interviewed a top-producing agent and were shocked they went with a different company?  The interview clicked, they were engaged, you enlightened them about areas of their business they could grow and had never thought of but, they went with a different company?  Yep, happens all the time and is what I believe is the not spoken of number 1 challenge of recruiting productive agents.

You know that saying, “Big fish in a little pond?”  Let’s be honest, we all like to be challenged but it’s also nice to be recognized as the top dog J  Many very competent and productive people in business will stay in near complacency and not take the opportunity of growth because of that simple reality.

Problem:  People can be intimidated (regardless of production). and believe the move would be great for their business, but have anxiety about delivering once they get there.  To them it’s too much of an unknown and not safe. So what do they do?  They choose a company that may not be the absolute best for them, but maintain that safety of lower expectations and ability to have that top spot in the office.  Yes, this is 100% true.  I have experienced this first hand and it has been confirmed with me by some of the top leaders in North America.

Solution:  Don’t try and impress them with all you have to offer them and how amazing their business is going to be once they join you.  This can actually backfire on you.  Change is hard enough and then to put expectation on top of it may be the icing on the cake for them to NOT join.  So what do we do?  We educate and coach them.  We get them to implement strategies and tactics they are currently not using that come from you.  We interact with them through this process (yep, by the way while they are with a different company) focused in areas they can implement today in their current business at their current company.  We get feedback and maintain high level interaction around the context of this business relationship to coach and guide them, instead of the down in the trenches old-fashioned recruiting.

Solution:  They implement, start seeing some changes in their business, gain comfort with you, you gain traction, and they believe:

  1. Your leadership will grow their business and they become inspired by the interaction and results of implementation.
  2. The prospect evolves to feeling more confident and worthy to join you and their ability to thrive in your environment.
  3. They end up joining.

It’s a process, not an event, that happens to include a series of educational and inspirational events along the way until they join.

This my friends is how to recruit in today’s market

How To Recruit Real Estate Agents? Start Here

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