How To Recruit Real Estate Agents Part 4

How to Recruit Real Estate Agents Part 4:  Your Online Recruiting Initiative Part 1

How To Recruit Real Estate Agents!In my previous blog posts we’ve established we are going to allow the competition to do us the biggest favor they could possibly do – keep recruiting with hype while we infuse the market with value, goodwill, and educate our prospects.  There are a couple issues we need to take a look at to make sure we are effective:

  1. It’s not easy to get face to face with an experienced agent.
  2. They don’t necessarily want to meet or even talk to you when they start looking around.
  3. They start looking long before they join.
  4. They are an Internet empowered consumer that wants a ton of information, they want it now, and they love the buffer of anonymity the internet provides them.

So keeping all of the above in mind we must look at our current and future online recruiting initiative.  We are focused on recruiting the Internet Empowered Recruit so we better have a great online recruiting initiative.

Let’s do a self-assessment of your current online recruiting initiative:

  1. Tell me about your online recruiting initiative?  I’m not talking about a career tab on your company, public, showcase website.  I’m talking about a complete online recruiting initiative that is generating results.
  2. Are you settling for a “career tab” on your company website or do you have a “real estate career specific” website?
  3. Is the content the prospect encounters on your website all about you and your company or is it all about the prospect?
  4. What are the specific, valuable takeaways a prospect gets from your career website, (and I don’t mean goodies about your company)?
  5. Do you have multiple lead capture opportunities on your career website?
  6. Is the content static or constantly changing?
  7. Are you posting a current calendar of the specific company training you offer?
  8. Tell me about the integrated database management program you have specifically for recruits inclusive of drip campaigns (this is part of an online system)?
  9. Do you provide up to date “social proof” of the experience agents are having with your company?
  10. What kind of social media recruiting initiative is in place and who is managing that on a daily basis?
  11. Do you have a career/recruiting based blog that provides tools and information a prospect can use in their business?

After reviewing these questions, would you say that you have an online recruiting initiative or maybe not?

There are 3 critical silos you must play in online

To be effective in the online recruiting environment we must have a stand-alone recruiting website, a blog based purely in value transference to our prospects, and a social media strategy.

If you are not intensely focused in your recruiting online you are NOT in the recruiting business.

In my next series of blog posts I will take you inside each of these specific online arenas you must be functioning in to be an effective recruiter and how to use them.

How To Recruit Real Estate Agents? Start Here

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