How To Recruit Real Estate Agents Part 3

How To Recruit Real Estate Agents:  The Competition Recruits with Hype, You Educate!

In How To Recruit Real Estate Agents Part 2 we established the huuuuuuumungous opportunity out there for you to dominate your competition through a subtle shift in your approach.  Your competition makes this all possible with their continued focus on “hype recruiting”, were so awesome, come join us.  This is a recruiting strategy turn-off that keeps the wall of skepticism up between you and your prospects.  We closed part 2 with our shift to a foundation of recruiting agents by educating, interacting, inspiring, and then allowing them to self-discover we are the destination broker.  Our competition will continue to interrupt their prospects with recruiting calls, we will check-in with our prospects and gain solid ground.

Let’s drill down into the first step of the recruiting process, educate

How To Recruit Real Estate Agents Part 3Educate:  Your first thought might be, “I need to educate them about all of the amazing tools and opportunities we have available at our company to dramatically increase their business”. ….  And be just like every other recruiter out there in the marketplace?  And get the result that most recruiters are getting in the marketplace? In simplest of terms I would shift your recruiting objective to be a desire to serve, lead, and inspire as many agents as possible from other companies.  There will be a time and place to discuss the features and benefits of your company, but first, they must experience you as a leader. We don’t differentiate with our company stuff, we differentiate with the stuff embedded in an experience a prospect will have with us over time.  There is no more compelling path than  providing  agents with practical and applicable strategies and tips for their current business.  Being a great recruiter is similar to being the most attractive coach for agents.

You will never talk them out of the loyalty they hold with their broker, but you can always demonstrate a level of leadership and value-transference they aren’t getting at their current company.  In this process they will self-discover you are the leader they want to partner with and join.

If we are going to educate our prospects we must have a clear message and path with the appropriate vehicles.

In today’s environment of the Internet Empowered Recruit, we must have a multi-pronged approach to getting an audience of productive real estate agents.   We must always remember the behavior of the Internet Empowered Recruit before we go charging after them.

  1. They want tools and information they can use in their business today and they want  it now.
  2. They don’t want to talk to you.
  3. They like the buffer of anonymity and comfort the Internet provides them with.

Now to be effective we must accommodate that behavior in our online presence. I will cover that in the follow up blog “How to Recruit Real Estate Agents Part 4:  The Online Recruiting World”.  But first, let’s dig into “Educating”.

What if you delivered the productivity coaching and accountability agents pay a coach to provide them?

Every time I speak in front of a group of leaders I ask them one question, “If Joe Stumpf, Brian Buffini, or Tom Ferry opened a real estate office across the street from you, would you be nervous?”  Rather interesting question to ponder.  Of course you would.  They got what agents want and you know what else?  It wouldn’t matter what the fee, split, or revenue share was.  There is an intrinsic value those top agent trainers possess that would create a momentum shift of agents joining them.  Here’s what agents believe; if they join Joe, Brian, or Tom, they will get the guidance and coaching to take their business to the next level.  No questions asked.  Therein lies your solution.  Be the Joe Stumpf, Brian Buffini, or Tom Ferry of the marketplace and you will be the top recruiter.

This may cause pause for some of you:

“Why am I going to give away all my secrets or train the competition just so they can be more productive at their current broker?”

Well let’s stay right in that coaching space.  What happens when agents attend a big event by one of the top trainers?  They get all jacked up about everything they learned and are going to go back and implement…..and then they don’t, right?  Then someone from the staff of the speaker/coach checks in with them a week or two later to see how they are doing since they left the seminar.  Guess what the agent does?  They recognize they got great information, they aren’t implementing, and they need that connectivity of a coach to take action.  Hmmmmm do you see the parallel here?  Provide the agent what they need for their business, they typically don’t implement, you follow up to keep them on track, you start to position yourself as their leader, and voila, they join you.  Market tested and market proven strategy on how to recruit.

People don’t believe what you tell them:

  1. We’re number 1.
  2. We have the best training.
  3. You will be so much more productive.
  4. On and on and on and on 🙂

People do believe what they experience.  Give your prospects an experience of you by coaching the competition until they join.

How To Recruit Real Estate Agents? Start Here

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