How To Recruit Real Estate Agents Part 2

How To Recruit Real Estate Agents:  A Recruiter Interrupts Prospects, a Leader Checks in

Your approach in recruiting is more important than any other skill-set you demonstrate. With the wrong approach you will rarely get the opportunity to demonstrate your value to a prospect and the recruiting struggles remain.

Think about this for a minute. When you go to a bank machine with your debit card and want to pull out money, the only way this is possible is if you have made deposits into that account. If you have made no deposits, you will experience rejection, no money.

This is the ongoing path of recruiting for over 97% of all recruiters. Recruiters attend and are provided training that makes them feel comfortable to do those prospecting calls; the magic script, dialogue, and objection handlers are in hand. What do they experience most of the time? Rejection. With human nature, give someone enough rejection they will abandon.  Abandoning your recruiting is not a good scenario, but it happens often.

Agents are busy with productive activities on a daily basis. If they weren’t you probably wouldn’t be trying to recruit them. You better have a compelling reason for them to want to talk to you. Is the magic script or dialogue going to be the solution? NO.

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There are two issues here:

  1. You are going to a bank (the agent) with your ATM card trying to make a withdrawal (an agents time), asking them to spend time with you on the phone and hopefully schedule an interview with you.
  2. You have made absolutely zero deposits that would compel the agent to allow you to make a withdrawal.

You are an interruption to their day, not an inspiration. Agents join leaders they are inspired by.

Stop Interrupting Prospects, Start Checking in with Prospects

Here’s the solution:

You have 3 action steps underneath the overarching objective of making deposits with prospects:

  1. Educate: Constantly infuse the market and all of your prospects with goodwill and value in a form that can support their business today.  Play the role as the coach and inspiration of the market.  How else will an agent get an opportunity to experience your competency, relevancy, and leadership skills?  In an interview?  I would disagree, most interviews are typically a sales job.  Let the competition play the hype game, make no deposits, and keep experiencing rejection.  We will keep positioning ourselves.
  2. Interact: NOW you make “check-in” calls instead of an “interruption” call to your prospects. You can go to the bank comfortably with your atm card, tap into that account you have made deposits, and ask for a withdrawal. The prospect perceives you differently and is much more receptive because of the value and goodwill you have shared with them as outlined in our first action step of educate.
  3. Inspire: The agent eventually experiences a result in their current business from the value and goodwill you have shared with them.
  4. Self-Discovery: You become the destination broker based on an experience and interaction of your competency the agent has had with you. The agent eventually joins you….while your competition has either given up long ago or is still believing the hype game is the solution to recruiting real estate agents.

How To Recruit Real Estate Agents? Start Here

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