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How Do You Grow Your Organization? You Have To Take A Look At Your Approach!

The approach I have seen for years is antiquated it’s all about content, we continue to throw stuff at people, we continue to show people that we are so much better and we are so much smarter. It’s this big marketing process, this big sales experience that is not inspiring for the person you are trying to recruit or for the leader, it’s a grind. Here is what I have learned over the years, we build trust by creating an experience for the people we are looking to attract to our organization. People don’t join or leave a company, they join or leave the competency and relevancy of the leader. So with that in mind, what’s my responsibility? Is it to tell them how great we are, or is it to allow them to have an experience as close to what it’s going to be like for them when they join my company?

Remember this, to grow your organization, agent’s don’t join or leave a company they join or leave the competency and relevancy of the leader!

It’s your job on a daily basis to demonstrate to these people that you are the most competent and relevant leader. Telling them you are better than every other company won’t get it done. Talking to them about the only thing that matters; their business, their strategies, their tactics, and how you are going to partner with them in their growth is the differentiator to grow your organization.

Change your approach and grow your organization!

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