Grow Your Leadership Capacity

Grow Your Leadership Capacity:

People choose your guiding principles and how you do business

Our industry is rooted in relationships in such a way, many believe personality is the critical piece in success and productivity. Further, the need to have the brightest and shiniest of objects to lure agents to join your company, and for agents, the need to be armed with the brightest and shiniest of objects to capture buyers and sellers, are the age old beliefs. “Age Old” indeed…they are antiquated approaches to doing business and why there is such a small percentage of leaders and agents at the top. That small percentage at the top whether in leadership or an agent gets it, the agent is done with the hype from brokers, and the consumer is over the hype agents project as a part of their marketing strategy. Life and business is about enrollment, the more people you can enroll as card carrying members of your fan club, the more successful you will be.  Hype is not going to create a sustainable enrollment pattern.  What does your enrollment process look like? In today’s world, everyone wants value, not the hype.

The next piece in growing a company, or growing a business as an agent, is how you personally drive your business from within.  Every business requires strong relationships as a foundation, that’s just expected.  Your principles and how you do business is what attracts people to you and allows you to continually grow your capacity.  You see, leading by personality will always have a cap. There are only so many people you can lead and or manage.  I know some people that can only manage 50 people while others have a personal capacity of leading 200, but for everyone there is a cap.  How do we break through this and continue to grow?  We move out of leading from our personality and into operating from principle.

Principles are constant, a standard, and a commitment to a process that supports a way of doing things and provides clear expecatations.  It allows you to move from managing people, which has a cap, and into managing systems that manage people which can be duplicated over and over.  How are you currently running your business?  Stay tuned for my follow-up blog where I dig deeper into running a principle based business that will break you through your capacity ceilings.

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