The Breakdown Is In The Follow-up

Tell me about your 14 point follow-up system –

We can spend millions of dollars on marketing, we can spend millions of hours of human resource but it’s all for not if we don’t follow-up.

Hi, I’m Jon Cheplak with The Real Recruiter and Cheplak Live.

It takes 14 contacts in some way shape or form before an experienced agent makes a move. So the question I pose to you today is this. Tell me about your 14 point contact system that you have in place right now? See recruiting is not an event; it’s a process that consists of a series of events. Brokers will tell me that they are so challenged in recruiting, maybe they’re not good at recruiting and I would doubt that. I would say that probably recruiting if you will, the phone calls the interviews is not where the breakdown is, the breakdown is in the follow-up. When is the last time you contacted someone consistently over time with something of value instead of something that’s hype? In an automated fashion, in a way that you can measure whether they interacted or didn’t interact?

See, here’s the bottom line, ladies and gentlemen. Stop wasting the energy and time of trying to get in front of people by not following-up with them. Recruiting experienced agents is a long escrow, it’s an escrow with checklists, it’s an escrow with a series of events, it’s an escrow where value exchange must take place during this time frame. Where they’re measuring your leadership, they’re measuring your competency, and measuring your relevancy.

See, here is the experience that most leaders have, is they will meet with someone or someone will show some interest, they’ll go down the feature/benefit path, pull away feeling good from that interview, do a follow-up call, never get a response. Maybe send an email, never get a response and here is why, there is no context. They know that the only thing that you’re doing is you’re calling them to see if they’re ready to join. And that is short-term, you have to think long-term. Long-term moves us away from hype and we need to move away from short-term because it’s not a short-term process, recruiting experienced agents.

It needs to be in the space of value and goodwill; it needs to be in the space of sending videos to them that will help them with their business. What we’ve found with research is this; you need to contact your recruiting leads every 7 days with some kind of value transference. They will shut it down, they will unsubscribe, they won’t respond if you stay in the space of hype.

So, here is what I will close with, you expect your agents to prospect, you expect them to follow-up. I hope that you are speaking to them about drip email campaigns, I hope that you are speaking to them underneath that about the content that’s in their respective campaigns, whether it’s an online campaign or an offline campaign.

My wish is that you will then step back and reflect and ask yourself, what is my current system and process that has a series of events that’s going to continually verbalize my value proposition to that prospect, in a space of inspiration. Because what I’m giving them are tools and information they can use for their business before they even join me. That’s where the recruiting battle is won. How are you doing in that space?

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