Feature Dump Ain’t Gonna Get’er Done!

It's all about recruiting!

Feature Dump Ain’t Gonna Get’er Done!

Yep, the English is bad, it’s poor, I want to get a little bit of your attention.

Here is the point that I want to make to you; the antiquated strategy of “we’re so much better than everyone else, or we’re so much bigger than everyone else,” that’s the feature dump message the prospect expects from you.

And really what it invites, a couple of things:

  1. It throws you in the barrel of monkeys of the same massage as everyone else. And what you create is this big science project for agents of; “ok . . . well I get two postcards here but four post cards there on a crescent moon.” I exaggerate a little bit but it creates confusion.
  2. And then what takes place for you in the agent attraction process, there’s no clear picture, it’s not about your relevancy and competency as a leader. And if they have some interest in you or your organization, or maybe they’re not interested it’s just they’re not happy with where they are at, the only place they go to is money and then you get into the money wrangling.

And here is what you need to remember when it’s about the money, if people join you because of money, they’ll leave you because of money. The problem is there has never been enough money in any relationship to keep that relationship together.

I’d rather have people join me based on their experience of my leadership, their expectation of my leadership, based on the relationship that we build as they’re taking a look at joining my organization.

Because as we know recruiting experienced agents is like a long escrow, it doesn’t happen overnight. We build this relationship; we’ll continue to tell people well we just have “this new thing” or “that new thing” versus supporting them each time you check in with them in a specific area of their business, allowing them to see your leadership.

You’re going to get a better result because you’re going to differentiate yourself based on what it is that agents look at in joining or leaving a company. They look at joining you, the leader.

Get out of feature dump, get into coaching, get into training, get into value transference, get into an agent being able to have an experience of you as their leader before they join your company.

Ready to stop the feature dump? Start Here!

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