Email is Dead and Ineffective

Email is Dead!

Said the Gurus…My first question is who is a guru? Who is all knowing? I will save that for another discussion though.

If email is ineffective in your business and a guru is confirming this for you, I want you to pause and consider some things. First I will share with you that I launch over 1,500,000 emails a month from my servers and my proprietary email platform for nearly every brand in the real estate business and have been doing so for over 6 years. Approximately 100,000,000 emails launched and measured in that time frame. I can comfortably say I have studied the effectiveness of email and gathered plenty of intelligence. My staff and I do so to this day diligently.

Think about this for a moment:

  1. Are you consistent with your email initiative?
  2. Is your subject line compelling enough to get me to open the email?
  3. Are you doing A/B model testing of your emails?
  4. What is your connectivity level you have with your list?
  5. Have you tested and studied to determine the correct frequency of your emails so that they are effective?
  6. Tell me about the content in your email? Is it compelling enough that someone can’t wait to get your next email and open it?
  7. Is your email allll HYPE or are you infusing the market with VALUE and GOOD WILL?
  8. How are you supporting your email initiative with an effective telephone follow-up plan?
  9. What email platform are you using and how much have you researched their overall effectiveness of delivery?
  10. Does your current email platform have a measurement system you evaluate regularly?
  11. In what form are you sending your emails?
  12. Do I have your attention?

Finally, has the guru tested any of the above personally and come forward with statistical data or are they simply trying to move you into something they are more familiar with…the next magic pill?

The growth of your business is inside your business, not in the next magic pill. Our issue is not the need for more tools, our focus need to be in operating what we currently have in place at it’s most efficient level.

Email is DeadClick on image to see full size detail.

As you can see in the image, here’s what effective email looks like with open rates in the 60% range from one of my clients.

Are you getting open rates like this?

I think it’s quite fair to notice email is far from DEAD. Strategies, Tactics and Mindset as in most cases are the real issues.

Here’s the bottom-line;  you must know the behavior of today’s internet empowered consumer and constantly accommodate them and their expectations.

What does your current email strategy look like?

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