Drip Email Is Passé? Not So Fast.

Drip Email Is Passé?

Social media continues to evolve and with that comes many forms of interaction and communication we choose and experience. Comments in a thread, conversations that hijack a thread, posts on a timeline, or maybe a tweet…the list goes on. The choice and or action is simply described as the behavior of the internet empowered consumer. Choices as to what our primary space will be that we play and work in. Drilling down a bit further, the space we use as our primary form of communication.

The telephone is almost history as we’ve known it, text is the form of communication. How many times do you hear the voicemail, “If you want a quicker response, please text me”? How about the person that responds to a Facebook message and directs you to their email for a better form of communication? If this is what works best for them, you better accommodate the expectations of that internet empowered consumer. Let me illustrate how critical the expectations of the internet empowered consumer are:

I recently facilitated an introduction of a fellow vendor to one of my clients via Facebook message. My client was very open to further discussions and instructed the vendor to use email as a best form of communication and of course provided her email address. Here’s where it got highly entertaining. My friend, “the vendor” continued messaging via Facebook. I know you are sitting here thinking “duh don’t they pay attention”? Well obviously not. Without boring you with a long drawn out story, my friend “the vendor” called me upset because they were no longer getting response or engagement from my client. Yes, this all seems basic and of course something you would never do, you would listen to the expectations of communication and follow that lead. I might challenge that.

Human nature is much of the time a process of making assumptions. In the above example I shared; Facebook messaging works for me, it’s convenient, I will continue to expect the person on the other end to engage with me through this medium of communication. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way and neither does life. Just because it works for you doesn’t mean it works for someone else. Simply put if you want to engage online, accommodate the expectation of the internet empowered consumer.

Let’s bring this thing back now from the top. Email is passé. Here’s the truth:

  1. Anyone that is telling you that has had little to no success at email marketing.
  2. They are leveraging their understanding that if you put some new bright shiny object in front of people they will abandon what they have done for a promise of some new magic pill and buy into the b.s. And by the way, eventually abandon that one when the next bandwagon of magic pills arrive.
  3. Email is effective as a PART of an overarching marketing and messaging campaign, not just a stand-alone. You can’t just send an email and expect to have mailbox money show up.
  4. Email is not passé. Your boring message that does not transfer value and does not compel someone to take action is passé. Sitting back and not applying yourself behind the launch of your emails with telephone follow up is your other problem.

Here’s a little proof for you:

I personally host numerous email servers that launch approximately 2,000,000 emails per month for my clients throughout the United States and Canada. Big companies, little companies, familiar brands, unfamiliar brands, franchises, non franchises, and all kinds of varying business models. We measure every facet of the email interaction and have now for over 5 years. Here’s the data:

  • 13% of general pre-written and branded emails are opened across the board.
  • 27.7% of emails are opened in an organization where personal telephone contact is made.
  • 50% of emails are opened with our most compelling and powerful message we have used for years.

Here are some tips:

  • Stop abandoning what may be working for something you HOPE will work better
  • Stop chasing the next magic bullet and apply yourself to what you have.
  • Write compelling content that will cause someone to take action.
  • (Oh and of course I have to give the no filter suggestion) Stop sitting back and waiting for something to happen, pick up the phone and make it happen.

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*All data mentioned in this blog has been collected in a controlled and proprietary environment that measures all the measured activity and has for over 5 years.

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