Domination In Recruiting – Part 2

The 3 simple steps to recruiting experienced agents on a consistent basis

Your pathway to domination in recruiting, productivity, & profitability is in your positioning.

This is Part 2, if you missed Part 1 go back and watch the video.

Here’s what I know after being on the road, let’s see, today’s date looking back, 12 years now working with brokers, owners, managers throughout North America. I ask them one question, how do you handle your top producers? “I leave them alone.”

Perfect, let’s talk about positing. You need to look at first of all, how are you dealing with your top producers?

Here’s what I want you to know, I believe that recruiting, attracting top producers is the easiest recruit to bring in. Let me tell you why, because no one is leading them. They are hiring people outside of the organization to lead them in most companies. And I’m not saying that is bad, I think you should augment your business with coaches. I have coaches, and I’m a coach.

But I also believe that if you are the leader that is transferring value to your agents on a consistent basis instead of leaving them alone and not rocking the boat, where is the traction there? And this runs rampant in our industry, I don’t care if I have 1000 leaders in the room or if I have 10 leaders in the room.

Question:  How do you handle your agents?

Answer:  I leave them alone.

So let’s look now again at your positioning. How are you seen internally and externally? Deal doctor, do you fix deals? Always there? Here’s what I know about the broker, owner, manager that’s always there; their company can’t grow because they are a helper, they’re a deal doctor. Are you that person that everyone likes and you make it fun. Or are you that leader that knows how to walk the tightrope of tension and stress challenging people because what you recognize it that they joined you because they believed you could inspire them to grow their business.

Well how about if you take that from an internal space and you’re leading your agents that way and that’s how you encounter, yes I said encounter, that’s how you choose to encounter productive agents. You start asking them the tough questions that no one else is asking them. You start tracking their business like no one else is tracking their business and they start to self-discover that you are truly positioned as that leader that they want to be with.

Take a look at your positioning:

  • How do your people see you today?
  • How do you want to be seen?
  • How does the marketplace see you and experience you?
  • How do you want the marketplace to see you and experience you?

And here is the tip that I will give you, just be willing to ask everyone that you encounter the tough questions and you will be positioned as the destination broker.

People don’t believe what you tell them, they believe what they experience. When you ask people questions others aren’t asking them you’re creating an experience.

Begin your pathway to domination in recruiting! Start Here

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