Marketing Content Multiplied

Marketing Content Multiplied:  The Power of Repurposing 

Content MultipliedToday’s Internet Empowered Consumer requires a more consistent and sophisticated marketing approach to gain their attention and engagement.  Being the loudest marketer with the tired story of how much better you are than everyone else is the way of the past. Today’s consumer is looking for what information do you have for me NOW.   They want relevant content that maps to their persona, they want it now, and they want it delivered in the form that best accommodates their lifestyle. What does that look like? Ride along and I will take you through the 4 key components of effective marketing to stand out in today’s environment.  Be Different!


An important part of your business strategy is to step outside the real estate business and study the marketing spaces of businesses in other industries. Brilliance when you consider the millions of dollars they have spent in research and development before a marketing campaign even begins. Many of their campaigns never hit the market after exhaustion of human and financial resource and testing have determined the campaign won’t be effective.  Essentially what we have here is a laboratory doing testing with today’s consumer with no expense to you.   In this focus you will discover the theme of campaigns they believe in simply from being a consumer yourself and having a higher awareness of marketing initiatives you encounter repeatedly in different mediums as you move through your day. Now take a look at the campaigns you are being exposed to and see how they map to your current messaging. Companies like Apple and Coca-Cola are marketing geniuses to follow and catch the vibe of where they are going. For the purpose of saving you some time I will tell you where they are going along with the another huge marketing company that happens to sell an energy drink.

Recent research has shown that most large corporations allocate 25% of total expenses for marketing. There is an interesting shift in what is taking place in the allocation of those marketing dollars. There was a time when all marketing dollars were focused on paid advertising.  Those days are gone. We are now seeing the marketing budgets being split  50/50 into two different areas. Paid advertising is still in play but the infusion of Content Marketing is passing it up in some cases. What is Content Marketing? In it’s simplest of forms Content Marketing is the creation and sharing  and publishing of relevant content in order to acquire and retain customers. A pretty important factor when you look at the statistics of how often your clients buy or sell real estate. What are you doing to maintain connectivity for repeat and referral business in a way, shape and form that keeps you in top of mind awareness and connected to the consumer? In this blog I want to share with you the creation of one simple message and the power of multiplicity of that message across different mediums and platforms to be omni-present, consistent, and enhance customer awareness and engagement.


One of the biggest myths in our industry is the definition of a lead as “good” or “bad”. As a matter of fact your greatest opportunities are in those leads you are defining as “bad”; the people that are not doing business with you now and have not in the past. They are neither good nor bad, they are simply a marketing lead or sales lead. How we communicate and interact with each one will determine the end result of that lead. Your job is to know the questions that keep the consumer up at night. What questions or information do they want and feel they need most? You must get to know the persona of your audience.  Then you answer those questions ongoing.


Maybe you are focusing on a niche marketplace such as waterfront, vacation homes, or golf course communities. The people that have not done business with you yet are just waiting for someone to show up as relevant, competent and consistent with information that talks to their interests or lifestyle. 

The process is quite simple:

  1. Discover what their interests are.
  2. Provide/publish content that maps to them.
  3. Deliver it across all mediums.
  4. Interact:  Check in and get their feedback.
  5. Based on the interaction you will find out if it was of value to them and more important interact to learn more about what their interests are .
  6. Deliver your next marketing piece to them based on the interaction.

Now we are in the adaptive marketing space and have a much much higher likelihood of connectivity. 


No matter what form your content is originally created; it could be a written blog, a video, or a podcast, you must be sure and repurpose that one piece of content allowing it to multiply across all platforms. Some people prefer a written form while others may prefer podcasting. We all know that video is the most effective form and continues to hold a dominating  and impactful space. Last year alone according to NAR there was a 40% increase in consumers doing their initial search for an agent on YouTube. If you are not on YouTube you are missing huge opportunities with the most preferred form of  digesting content by today’s consumer and the SEO leverage that takes place with video on YouTube. 

Today you have 3 jobs as an agent.  Your job as an agent, a technologist, and constant creator of relevant content for connectivity.  A simple email drip campaign or post card won’t get it done in today’s environment. You must adapt to the consumer or continue to experience bad leads.

Here is the power of just one piece of content, the steps of multiplicity and your extension across all mediums. For this example we will use a video as our initial form.

  1. Create a video that speaks to the persona of the consumer your are targeting.
  2. Post it immediately to YouTube.
  3. Upload it to your personal video hosting company.
  4. Take the hosted video and post it into your blog.
  5. Email a screenshot/image of the video from your blog with the video link embedded in the photo to your sphere of influence.
  6. Straight load the raw video to Facebook.  This will get more activity that a link from your blog and give you some metrics from Facebook.
  7. Boost your post with pixels.
  8. Post a link from your video blog on Google+.
  9. Tweet your video blog.
  10. Post the link from your video blog to LinkedIn.
  11. Pull the audio from your video and upload it to your podcast.  iMovie works great for this.

The power of repurposing content. One message across all mediums in different forms to accommodate the preferences of your audience. Be where the consumer is..the consumer is everywhere.

Oh but wait…there’s one more….a week later transcribe the content from the video in a written form and post a written blog…..and extend the link from the written form across all platforms. BE THE INFORMATION PORTAL.  Good content will never be overkill. 

Ready to multiply your content? Start Here

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