Change 101

Change 101I spend a lot of time on the Big Island for the beauty of the inspiration I experience every day in an energetic space.  The flowers, the beaches, the palm trees, etc. is just a bonus.  The Big Island has a special energy that resonates with me and one part of that is the people.  On my last stay here I visited one of my favorite spots “Southernmost Bakery & Botanical Garden”.  I met the former head Physicist from Cornell who has retired and lives off grid.  Needless to say the 2 plus hour conversation with him was rather enlightening.  Encounters like this continually inspire me.  Here is what resonated from that conversation and the continued explorations I experience.

Change 101:

Change 101:  Reflect on the people you spend most of your time with, is it time for a change? Are they complainers or creators?  Do they inspire your path or are they a roadblock?  Are the conversations about everyone else or is the focus on self reflection, taking responsibility, and a relationship that serves with a context of mutual accountability?  Is it time for a change? What is the book that sits on your nightstand that you read as guidance and inspiration or is there even a book, a guide, some form of nutrition for your brain or soul?  Is the food you eat for fuel and nutrition or is it just another filler of space like many other areas of your life? Notice the noise you continually experience in your life by choice; the tv shows you watch, the magazines you read, the music you listen to, and the places you hang out. Is it more “filler” blocking you from the true enlightened experience you are missing of YOU?  Can you “sit” with YOU and be inspired or are you an emotional hostage to the “filler” you need as the source for inspiration?  Do you have that neediness of people always around to validate that “you’re great’!  I got news for’re already great!

Principle:  Validation in it’s purest form does NOT come from other people. It comes from within.

When you peel back the onion and go vertical instead of the safe place of horizontal and flat are you doing what you have been conditioned to do and stuffing down further and further what you want to do?  The only vertical journey you take is to “stuff it all down”?

We are shaped by all that surrounds us.  Step back and look at where you are today.  Is it where you want to be?  What you want to be doing?  What you want to be experiencing? Then, recognize you chose it and can choose different or stay right where you are at.

Are you on a daily basis, in your dealings a hostage of someone else’s “to do” list or do you create your own “to do” list?

Is it time for a change?


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