Facebook Just Made You Become a Better Real Estate Agent…

 Daredevils Sell An Energy Drink

 Drop In For Kids Hour Sells Computers

Facebook Just Made You Become a Better Real Estate Agent…

A More Sophisticated Marketer That Happens To Sell Real Estate.

A few years ago I did a Marketing Presentation in Toronto…

“Red Bull and Real Estate”

Daredevils sell an energy drink, become a better real estate agent

I had taken a look at the following in our industry (While Studying Companies Outside our Industry That Spend A BILLION A Year On Marketing)

1. Agents continued to be taught and deliver a “One Size Fits All Message”

2. Cheesy and Uncomfortable Sales dialogue were…and are still the norm. Mostly because Agents Buy It. The HERD mentality. (Sad Truth)

3. Consumer Reports said..( if you haven’t been living under a rock)…you know what the consumer perception is.

4. Everyone was trying to shoot their arrow at one tiny target.

5. All the while NAR says most consumers would USE their agent again but MOST never hear from them again (Why is this? Lacking a SOPHISTICATED marketing message that can connect with the consumer wherever they are at prior and post transaction.)

6. Oh and then everyone is pissed off because forces to reckon with from outside our industry started grabbing our leads. (No they just beat us at our own game!)

And now Facebook comes around full circle changing the algorithm to be thematic with more of an authentic Life Experience.

The Kardashians taught us all (unfortunately😄) that we love REALITY TV and so everything went Reality…

Hmmmm are you catching the vibe?

It’s time to Get Sophisticated in your marketing and meet the consumer where they are at with the content they WANT.

1. Apple, a company that spends over a BILLION in marketing last year.

2. Red Bull spent over a BILLION in marketing last year.

NOTE: You probably think Red Bull is an energy drink company. No they are NOT. They are a multi media company that happens to sell an energy drink company…and they sell a shit load of it.

A. They know their Avatar

B. They have a consistent marketing message.

C. They MEET the consumer where they are at in LIFE.

They know they must meet the consumer when they are NOT in the convenience store or somewhere they can purchase Red Bull. They must stay connected at all times.

“The Right Message Delivered The Right Way That Connects With The Consumer When Not In A Buying Environment or Phase”

—> How is YOUR Real Estate Marketing Doing This?

Are you catching on?

—>Let’s Talk about Apple

BTW who last reported 1.8 Billion in marketing in 2015 and said going forward they would no longer report their marketing budget.

Take a look at the Marketing Message I received from them today…

“Drop In For Kids Hour”

drop in for kids hour sells computers, become a better real estate agent

But wait, they sell computers. Where is the SCRIPT,

“Are you or anyone you know thinking of buying a computer in the near future?”😎

The Game Changed Long Ago!

And they are your competition.

Them and many other products have long ago created the message the consumer expects.

How are you going to connect with the consumer with the right message, at the right time with the right vehicle?

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