Be The Destination Broker

It's all about recruiting!

So What Do We Mean By “Be The Destination Broker”?

Here’s what my experience has been as we take a look at this recruiting process, this attracting productive agents to our organization.

  1. It’s a long escrow. I’ve done the survey time and time again over the years with the leaders that I work with and it takes 14 contacts in some way shape or form before an experienced agent makes a move.
  2. This convincing people to get you to join, trying to close in the interview, all that’s going to do is chase people away.

You see that’s a process that’s based on content, what we are looking to do is to have a relationship with context, one that endures. Because here’s what’s going to happen, is one of two things will take place, when we have this relationship of context, building trust, transferring value, our objective of being the destination broker.

  1. Either the agent is eventually going to see value in you as a leader and want to join. Or . . .
  2. When something changes at their current brokerage firm, when something changes with their leader, you are the destination broker.

Be the destination broker! Position yourself as that first person, that first leader in the market place that an agent turns to when things change in their current environment.

Ready to be the destination broker? Start Here!

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