Are You Following The Crowd?

“Question Everything You Are Told or Taught by Testing It”

Thinking that because someone or a group of others are successful, I am going to do it too, could be your happiness and productivity killer.

Certainly aggregating in groups, friends and masterminds can be beneficial to escalate the learning and growth process.

We have greater “information access” and can gain knowledge from others to expedite our growth both personally and professionally. From this perspective, you are pursuing your own self-interest.

We use others as mental shortcuts in life.

Copying the behavior of the majority is sensible and adaptive behavior.

Banding together has been and will continue to be a way of survival.

And all of the above has provided us with hundreds of years of social proof.

BUT…in business, when do you stand out?

following the crowd

Powerful marketing is messaging that moves people from a less than desirable situation to a more desirable one.

Being the solution.

How do you stand out when you are following the crowd trying to deliver the same solution…doing what everyone else is doing and not willing to take risks?

Marketing is differentiation.

Fear of missing out that runs deep in most people causes us to follow others and in turn never finding our own voice.

There’s enough out there for everyone and if I do what I see others are doing that works, I will have success.

Yet most people get stuck at some point in striving for growth, no matter the resources. Which by the way we are in the most opportune time on the planet to get answers.

We can find the answer to practically anything with our finger tips and a keyboard.

It begs the question for growth and change…

When will you listen to your inner voice?

Trust your intuition?

Take risks?

And no longer singularly succumb to the opinions of others to hold you back or be satisfied with JUST “Doing what they are doing because it works”?

What works for most doesn’t always work for all.

What makes others happy doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to make you happy.

Listen more closely to what you are hearing from self…trust that voice…and take your individual action.

“Question it by testing it”

Maybe you will find the happiness and productivity YOU HAVE always been seeking.

And really stand out.

Then do what is responsible and pass it on to others…so they can test it.

Value your groups, Honor and Act on your voice.

Stand Out.

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