An Inspiring Sales Meeting

As a Leader you must have Two Rosters!

We’re Focusing On Sales Meetings

The one time a week you have an opportunity to stand-up in front of our group of agents, these people that you have brought together. The people that you are leading forward and to demonstrate your value as a leader, to transfer value to them, to create community. So as we take a look at our sales meeting which most leader say, “‘Well agents just don’t like sale meetings!”  . . . of course they don’t because most sales meetings aren’t that good.

My job is support you in creating a sales meeting that inspires people. The first space that I want to go to with you is on trajectory and I like things in threes, and there are three parts to a sales meeting. As we look at those three parts we want it to start low and just move upward and leave people inspired.

So the first thing we want to do is get rid of any news or announcements. Maybe your admin person has some updates of what is taking place, new listings or sales, inventory, what’s going on in the market place. I typically see this stuff take place at the end and it’s like it starts here, and it goes down and we want to flip the script. So let’s get those news and announcements out of the way.

Then we have the sandwich technique, so to speak. The filling, the stuff in the middle, in every sales meeting once a week you have a responsibility to deliver 20-30 minutes of value in some sort of training, in some sort of action item, strategy or tactic that your agents can take out and implement into the market place. In a previous video, I asked the question, when your agents leave the sales meeting, is there something they can take away from it and immediately go implement? It’s a critical piece! And people ask me: “Jon, what do I bring forward?” It’s real simple, just listen, the agents will tell you where to go. Where are the areas they are challenged? What’s a lot of the interaction been with your agents over the past week? Is it in pricing, is it in objections? What ever it may be, and that’s right where you take them during that sales meeting, 20-30 minutes of value, of content they can implement.

The third and final piece, it satisfies the number one human need, that’s love and recognition. At the end of every sales meeting you go through an acknowledgement process. What do you acknowledge? You acknowledge what you expect.

Here are some of my expectations and suggest for you.

  1. Productivity
  2. People that contribute to the community
  3. Acknowledging people that contribute to the organizational community

Here is what I’ve come to learn; each office is like a tribe, a village, or a community. We want to have production, we want to have growth, we want to have productivity. That’s in the day-to-day work we do with agent with our skills, our strategies, our tactics. We want people to contribute to the community outside of the office, that final piece is that spirit of volunteerism.  Recognizing and acknowledging people who contribute to the whole, understanding that contributing to the whole supports the part.

Break your sales meeting down in those three silos:

  • News & Announcements
  • Value Transference
  • Acknowledgment

Finally; start it on time, end it on time, make it crisp! You’ll have a dramatically difference experience and you know what you’ll find out?

Maybe agents do like sales meetings!

Improving Your Sales Meeting Today! 

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