As a Leader you must have Two Rosters!

Accountability – Over-Used & Avoided

Accountability, the most over-used term in our industry and the most avoided. What is it about accountability that creates this condition of avoidance?

Here’s my discovery; first of all as a leader, our experience in some point in time of accountability probably hasn’t been one that’s inspired us and so it’s kind of tough to implement something that doesn’t feel good. What is it about accountability that hasn’t felt good or felt right? Typically it’s done or has been experienced the wrong way. The accountability that most of us have experienced has been one of punishment, one of judgement. The definition that I was taught long ago and look to facilitate time and time again as I work with people is accountability is observing or noticing without judgement. The responsibility in accountability is to get someone to make specific measurable and actionable commitments.

There must be a deadline, we’ve got to check-in, and then when we check-in this is when the critical work, it’s kind of mixing the art and the science, of working with people. And the art and the science of this process is facilitating a condition of self-discovery. The person you are holding accountable has made the commitment, you’re checking-in, you’re asking them a series of questions, getting them to self-discover.

We can train and train and train, we can get skills, competency, we can transfer them to people, without a level of accountability productivity doesn’t change. If you want to facilitate change in productivity, take action and implement appropriate accountability in your organization.

Stay tuned, on my next video I’m going to drill down and little bit further into how you facilitate accountability and change the results as a leader.

Want to be a leader? Learn how to have accountability with agents! 

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