3 Reasons Agents Don’t Join You

It's all about recruiting!

Reasons why real estate agents don’t join you!

All the focus in recruiting is —

  • What is the new tool that we can use to attract more agents?
  • What type of marketing piece can we use?
  • What kind of communication, you know what can we do?
  • What’s going to work?

Well here is what I know about anything in life and in business, is we need to really take a look at what’s not working and then make the decision of what path we’re going to take.

I’m Jon Cheplak with The Real Recruiter and Cheplak Live,  what I want to share with you is, let’s look at the 3 reasons agents don’t join you and then you could craft your go-forward based on that. Makes sense, right?

  1. The reason agents won’t join you, they just don’t want to. And that’s it, leave it alone.
  2. They don’t trust you.
  3. I’ve seen this first hand. They think you’re a great company, they don’t believe that you want them to join. The don’t believe that they’re good enough.

One of the questions that I constantly ask people that will enquire, people being brokers, owners, managers just like you. Does everyone in the marketplace that you want to hire, know that you want to hire them?

So let’s go back and recap these.

  1. Just don’t want to. Forget about them. Keep them in your drip email campaign or something and hey, something will change. Everyone is going to join me someday, that’s just my belief system.
  2. They don’t trust you. And that’s where you need to take a look at your recruiting strategy, and your approach right now. And just remember this quick tip, and in future videos I’ll drill down into this. People don’t believe what they are told, they believe what they experience. Are you creating an experience?
  3. Is the belief that they have and this is the toughest one to overcome and the biggest. They don’t believe they are good enough, they don’t think that you want them.

That’s why recruiting is not an event, it’s a process that includes a series of events, and one of those events is acknowledgement. One of the top human needs, you look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it’s acknowledgement. You look at our offices, you look in our companies we are constantly acknowledging people.

So take a look at why people aren’t joining you and then craft how your going to get people to join you based on that.

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