3 Principles For Leaders

Leaders are you the most attractive business proposition in your market place?“I don’t always know where I am going, but………

I am always clear about who I am following and confident in the result they will facilitate for me.” What if this was how your agents looked at you as a leader?  If they already do, congratulations.  Unfortunately in my many years of working with thousands of agents and leaders, this is not the case.  It’s the relationship of the agent thinking “what have you done for me lately”, and the leader constantly on their heels trying to make everyone happy.  A fatal trap that many leaders exist in.  Here are 3 principles for your leadership that will position you as the most attractive leader in your market, and the one your agents will never leave.

  1. Your agents are NOT your customers:  Yep, you can resist all you want to on this one so it’s my job to prove otherwise and quite frankly, dramatically shift the way you lead.  This kind of relationship is the biggest reason for fractures between agents and leaders in a business relationship.  You know the deal, “the customer is always right”.  How’s that one been working out for you?  Agents are not your customer; they are your business partner.  You are all serving something bigger than selfish, individual wants and needs.  It’s all about the health of the company and the experience of the consumer.  In turn you facilitate an abundant environment where everyone thrives.
  2. Singular Accountability is for leaders that are cowards and lazy:  I guess I got a little aggressive in that statement and will acknowledge I have a passion for the truth, not sugar coating. Let’s get to the context of what is really going on in the business relationship.  Most leaders operate out of their biggest fear, the fear an agent will leave them.  So in turn the leader becomes a “people pleaser” and sometimes a doormat.  This is a condition created due to two issues.  Number one, the constant human need to be liked and number two, the lack of a steady flow of productive recruits joining the office or company.  Both quite simple to solve.  Being “respected” is being a leader, being “liked” is looking for friends.  If you need more friends at this point it’s time to check in with yourself. Second, if you are not recruiting productive agents on a steady basis, you might as well accept that you will be a hostage to your current agents.  Tension facilitates growth in your role as a leader.  You can’t go there with your agents and craft a mutually accountable relationship if you are constantly afraid someone is going to leave. My suggestion:  You better get your recruiting plan in place.
  3. Get Better:  I’m sorry, the moment you became a leader you were given a privilege and with that privilege comes expectations.  The greatest expectation is to strive to be the most competent, relevant leader in the market place, period!  I watch agents invest in their growth constantly.  I see leaders resist furthering their growth if the company won’t pay for a class.  Are you kidding me?  This is about you, your responsibility to grow as a human being and as a leader.  Invest in yourself, get better, and bring something of significance that you can share with your agents and the agents you are trying to attract.  Why do agents hire coaches?  Because they lack confidence in the ability of their current leader to coach them.  It’s pretty simple. Better yet, what if you were that coach agents looked to facilitate the next level in their business.  Take responsibility and respond to the expectations of a great leader and “get better” on a daily basis.

Well as I stated earlier, I don’t sugar coat things and it will probably not contribute to my ability to gather groups of people that think I’m the nicest guy on earth.  That’s ok, I’m not looking to be all things to all people.  My crystal clear purpose is to walk that tight rope of tension and stress, facilitating the highest level of growth for leaders that want to acquire the skill-sets to inspire others to levels they never believed possible.  Focus and operate around these 3 principles I have shared with you and believe me, your agents will always follow you with a belief of the outcome they want to experience.

Leaders:  Become the most attractive leader in the market!

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  1. Tim
    6 years ago

    Great post!

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